We got a lot of hate speech feedback last time. Some of it encouraging our no-hate-speech policy. Some of it calling us snowflakes. Most of it in incoherent spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Let me be clear – we are a successful enough garage that refusing service to the few foul-mouthed assholes who come through […]

Smart Car

A man pulled in with a smart car – you know the car I’m talking about: it’s half a parking space, no back seat, no trunk. It’s a lego car. Now, I totally understand the fuel efficiency, ease of parking, appeal of these cars especially for people living in the city. But this guy didn’t seem to […]

Range Rover

I don’t work on Sport Utility Vehicles simply because they intimidate me and I can’t focus. But Arnie in our shop fucking loves them. Whether it’s a 1977 Landcruiser, a 2003 Hummer, or a modern hybrid SUV – he loves them, he loves working on them, and he get giddy when a fancy one rolls in. […]

Grandma’s Camry

Ohmigod everyone’s grandmother bought a Camry in 2000, kept it but never drove it for fifteen years, until eventually a grandchild inherits it and wants to pour a bunch of money into this new (free) ride. I can’t even count the number of souped up Camrys that have rolled out of our garage. Usually, we don’t really mind […]


A woman in a white Prius drove up, no appointment, pulled into the garage, left the keys in the ignition, walked into the waiting room and took a seat. She didn’t talk to anybody, she didn’t make eye contact with anyone, she was wearing a floor length white coat, sunglasses, and high heels. She looked … out […]