A man pulled in with a smart car – you know the car I’m talking about: it’s half a parking space, no back seat, no trunk. It’s a lego car. Now, I totally understand the fuel efficiency, ease of parking, appeal of these cars especially for people living in the city. But this guy didn’t seem to understand the other side of the coin – that the car is ridiculous looking!  

Some very practical items just live at the mercy at their own ridiculous appearance!  

He pulled into our garage after booking an appointment for some “body work” and when he hopped out he was not tickled at the reaction of our mechanics. They were sniggering, but like barely. And he clearly was self-conscious about his car. He was misleadingly macho and alpha considering the car he had chosen. He looked around the garage, saw our smirks and exclaimed “You faggots never seen a smart car before?!”  

We all immediately stopped smirking and I stepped over: “Hey man, I see that you have an appointment and we’d love to honor that but I’m afraid we don’t serve customers who come in here using hate speech. Please take that and your lego car elsewhere.” It was totally worth the negative Yelp review.  

In fact, the negative Yelp review brought us more business as we had a couple of folks in the following few weeks who said that our kicking out a homophobe demonstrated that we were a business they would want to patronize.  

I shouldn’t have to say this in my garage, on Yelp, or on this blog: using “faggot” in that way is unacceptable.  And if you use it here, we are not afraid to take legal action.