I don’t work on Sport Utility Vehicles simply because they intimidate me and I can’t focus. But Arnie in our shop fucking loves them. Whether it’s a 1977 Landcruiser, a 2003 Hummer, or a modern hybrid SUV – he loves them, he loves working on them, and he get giddy when a fancy one rolls in. So in 2017, when Atlanta rapper Ludacris strolled in – casual, with a beautiful brand new white Range Rover, Arnie basically ran over to tend to him. To be clear, he was excited about the vehicle. Luda was just its escort.  

“I’m here for some …. ahhhh … creative vehicular enhancements, my man.” Luda announced. He was apparently planning to gift this vehicle to his teenage daughter and was afraid that it was too plan. Arnie giggled at this – suddenly he was presented with an opportunity to do his literal dream job.  

I actually didn’t follow along the whole job, but I was there for pick-up day. The enhancements were priced well, subtle but blingy, and made Luda as giddy as Arnie. The interior was teen-girl-pimped-out with hidden safety features. The exterior was beautiful, subtle, and well done so that she’d stand out but not ostentatiously. And the upholstery was designer, babbbyyyyyy.  

Ludacris was happy, gave us a shout-out on social media, and has been using our services ever since. We’re happy to do jobs that make dads and their daughters safe and happy!